iPhone 15 Ultra may boast premium titanium construction

Apple makes upgrade-worthy changes to its phones every three years so even though the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a 48MP camera and fancy cutouts which aren’t noticeably less obtrusive than the notch (did we get played?), they aren’t aren’t massive upgrades over their predecessors. Next year is when bigger changes are expected and today a leaker has revealed another thing that can make the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra stand out from the 15 Pro.

Pro Max is out, Ultra is in

iPhone users have voted with their wallets and they’d rather pay for a premium Pro model with new features than a standard model stuck with an old design and old chip. This has apparently incentivized Apple to create more differentiation between the higher-end models, which currently are the same except for the screen size and battery capacity.
Leaker LeaksApplePro and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman had previously said that the maxed-out model would be called the Ultra instead of the Pro Max. It was suggested that only the iPhone 15 Ultra would have a periscope lens for better zooming and it would be able to shoot 8K video clips. It was also rumored to pack higher base storage of 256GB. 
LeaksApplePro has now revealed another differentiating factor: a titanium build. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a stainless steel frame. Rumors had briefly circulated that the iPhone 14 Pro would have a titanium construction but that didn’t pan out. It appears that this leak was actually about the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Titanium is a more premium material than steel and is also stronger, lighter, and more scratch-resistant. This alone could greatly increase iPhone 15 Ultra’s appeal as titanium phones are very rare and could help it become the best phone.
Other rumored specs include a faster and more efficient 3nm chip, USB-C port, better front camera system, and longer battery life. Whether the circular buttons and a bump-less camera array that a leak had said was meant for the iPhone 14 Pro were also destined for the iPhone 15 Ultra remains to be seen.

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